15 years of PLAYLearnThink!

PLAYLearnThink provides play training for adults, Adventure PlayDays for children and play consulting for anyone involved in play provision.
To date just over 11,650 workshop participants have taken our Play Ambassador's oath. We have reached over 421,000 children indirectly through our play training for teachers, educators and recreation staff. We have reached just over 9,500 children directly through school and community Adventure PlayDays.
We continue to help municipalities across Canada on their quest to take a walk on the play side!

Our vision: Self-directed play for all children.

Our mission: To provide Adventure PlayDays in schools and community spaces where children are free to engage with a variety of loose parts and tools. To provide play training for adults to further their understanding of play and that self-directed play is a fundamental necessity for the healthy development of children.

We are currently redesigning our website (for obvious reasons). "Currently" meaning that we will redesign when we find the time between play training and playdays. But for now, you can follow the link below to visit the current website. Don't judge too harshly!