Driven by a passion to learn, PLAYLearnThink strives to nurture the participant's thirst for knowledge. During our Adventure PlayDays, children are in control as they explore and create with a large assortement of loose parts. Using simple, everyday materials, our various education programs demystify science as they engage workshop participants. Support your curriculum delivery or enhance your day camp/ March Break programming with programs or workshops of various lengths which are both adaptable to different age ranges.
PLAYLearnThink can also help you develop programs/workshops tailored to your needs and train you to deliver them.


  • Adventure PlayDay
  • Marble Roller Coaster
  • Simple Electric Motor
  • Air Powered Vehicle
  • Fun With Rockets
  • LEGO™ Vehicle Design
  • Let’s Juggle


  • Science Magic - a potpourri of demonstrations to spark excitement about science (perfect for the younger crowd - JK to grade 3)
  • Wonderful Air - rediscover this gas that we walk through each day.
  • Fun with Forces - explore the various forces at work in our everyday lives.
  • Exploring Space - a look at different astronomy concepts.
  • Sound Science - what is sound and how do we hear it?

What people say:

“Pierre...thanks a million for the very wonderful presentations...You are an excellent teacher, very informed, sensitive to the kids and of course, very entertaining. I gave them a little quiz...they could explain many of the principles which you had introduced to them...this is a great indication of just how in tune you were to them, and them, to you!...thanks again”

Teacher, Huron School, Gr. 6, Toronto, ON

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