PLAYLearnThink offers training for parents, recreation leaders, early childhood educators, teachers, municipal and playspace planners, in fact, for anyone who’s work directly or indirectly impacts children's play.

As parents and educators you are committed to helping children learn, to nurture their sense of wonder for the world and guide them on their path to life-long learning, self-resilience and social, emotional and physical well-being.

As a planner, you are dedicated to providing space where children are free to engage in play, where they can hone their social, cognitive and physical skills. You recognize that children need a place where they can be in charge to direct their own play.

Explore the world of play through one of our workshops and discover why it is an essential ingredient for the healthy development and well-being of children.

PLAYLearnThink also offers playful professional development/team building sessions. Contact us to see how we can play together.

Training sessions:

  • Children as Scientists - this workshop links play and the scientific process and looks at how children explore their environment. Participants gain a deeper understanding of play and science. They will also learn many engaging activities that they can do with common materials to help them explore various concepts.
  • Learning Through Play - find out why children's play is essential to all aspects of their healthy development and how to support children in their play and learning. Click on your language to view a pdf leaflet developped for this workshop: Let's PLAY! / Au Jeu
  • Creating a PLAYspace - a look at some of the ingredients for a great playspace.

What people say:

“This is the best play workshop I have ever attended.”

Brian Ashley, Play Consultant and Founding Member of the International Play Association, “Play Training for Adults” 90 minute playshop at the IPA Triennial World Conference, September 2017, Calgary, Canada

“One of, if not THE best workshop I have attended in the 10 years I have been teaching. Thank you for making this real.”

Teacher, Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board, Learning Through Play full-day workshop, April 2015, North Bay, Canada

“Hello Pierre,
your workshop was really really amazing - and the power and energy you fokus on your work inspired me...thank you.”

Participant, Children as Scientists Workshop, Aufbruch_13 Conference, April 2013, Salzburg, Austria

“This was a great workshop - everything was totally relevant and extremely informative and fun! Thank you for sharing your passion with us!”

Early Childhood Educator, Children as Scientists Workshop, Kids Health Matters 6th Annual Conference, October 2004, Guelph, Canada

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